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Our Story

With a huge variety of flavours, there’s a Squeeza for everyone. Squeeza was founded with the intent of bringing joy & happiness into South African homes while considering all aspects of fair trade as well as community service.

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Proudly Distributed by
Pomona Juice Traders

Pomona Contact Details:

Website: juicetraders.com
Tel: (+27) 11 396 3690/1
Fax: (+27) 11 979 1733
E-mail: sales@juicetraders.co.za | info@juicetraders.co.za

Pomona Location

69 Pomona Road,
Kempton Park.

Soft Drinks FAQ’s

Where did soda get its name?

The modern-day soft drink, however, didn’t develop until the 18th century, when scientists started synthesising carbonated water — also known as soda water. The “soda” part of the word is derived from the sodium salts within the water. (The salts reduce the liquid’s acidity.)

Where was soda invented?

It was in 1767 that the first-ever carbonated soft drink was created, and it was made by a doctor named Joseph Priestley. It was about three years later when a Swedish chemist created an apparatus that makes carbonated water. It used sulphuric acid and chalk to make the water.

1885: Charles Alderton invented “Dr. Pepper” in Waco, Texas.
1886: Dr. John S. Pemberton created “Coca-Cola” in Atlanta, Georgia.